• Sweetbrier

    Sweetbrier (sweetbrier)

    It is fallen leaves shrub class of rose family. Flower of white blooms other than red, too.
    Now in full bloom.
  • Japanese primrose

    Willow herb (Ezo loosestrife)

    Earlier crimson and violet-colored flower of square stem blooms.
    Started to bloom.
  • ezoajisai (Ezo hydrangea)

    Hydrangea of Hokkaido. We soak ornamental flower which sepal transformed around flower.
    Now is coming out for in full bloom, six minutes.
  • Anemone

    Willow herb (willow herb)

    We make flower of dahlia bloom. It is said that leaf resembles leaf of willow.
    Started to bloom. It is coming out now for four minutes.
  • Oba nano wake-robin

    Adenophora triphylla (Adenophora triphylla)

    We let flower of bell-shaped light purple have verticillation downward.
    Started to bloom. It is coming out now for four minutes.

Information on facility (2018)

The forest is located at the southern end of the Hokkaido Garden Path, which runs from Asahikawa through Furano to end in Tokachi. The forest is full of flowers, the same flowers which an artist has painted onto Rokkatei's wrapping paper.
On 100,000 square meters of site,the "six flowers of Tokachi" blossoms through the seasons,
while throughout the garden are scattered old rustic houses brought from Croatia that serve as art galleries.

Facility map

  • Entrance

  • Takayoshi Hara Gallery

    Takayoshi Hara Gallery
    The garallery displays print works by a botanical artist Takayoshi Hara who was the chairperson of Tokachi Wild Flowers association.
  • Chokko Sakamoto Commemorative Hall

    Chokko Sakamoto Commemorative Hall
    Other than drawings of wild plants such as Tokachi Rokka (six flowers), we also collected his works on mountains in Tokachi.
  • Tomohiro Momose Gallery

    Tomohiro Momose Gallery
    Please enjoy the sceneries of Tokachi and Nakasatsunai village, drawn by a western style painter Tomohiro Momose.
  • Hitoshi Ikeda Gallery

    Hitoshi Ikeda Gallery
    Works of Hitoshi Ikeda who won the grand prix at the second "north earth exhibition Biennale" are shown.
  • Yuu Ogawa Gallery

    Yuu Ogawa Gallery
    We display the works by Yuu Ogawa who was the representative of "Issuikai",an art organization which follows the tradition of western art.
  • Gallery of Flower-Patterned Wrapping Paper

    Gallery of Flower-Patterned Wrapping Paper
    We filled up wall surface with floral design wrapping paper of Rokkatei which Naoyuki Sakamoto drew.
  • Sïlo 50th Anniversary Commemorative Hall

    Sïlo 50th Anniversary Commemorative Hall
    Here, the cover drawings of the first 600 issues of the children's poetry magazine "Sïlo" are on display.
  • Six' cafe (Rocca feh)

    Six cafes
    The Rocafé includes a shop where you can buy sweets and original products.
  • "The Thinker (inspired by Rodin)", a Sculpture

    "The Thinker (inspired by Rodin)", a Sculpture
    It is a work by a sculptor, Masaru Bando.