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Rokka no Mori

The forest is located at the southern end of the Hokkaido Garden Path, which runs from Asahikawa through Furano to end in Tokachi. The forest is full of flowers, the same flowers which an artist has painted onto Rokkatei's wrapping paper. On the grounds, which cover 100,000 square meters, the six flower varieties of Tokachi (Gentiana triflora, Sweetbrier, Trillium camschatcense, Erythronium japonicum, and Caltha palustris var. barthei) blossom through the seasons, while throughout the garden are scattered old, rustic houses brought from Croatia that serve as art museums.

Hokkaido garden highway site
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Spring is in full bloom (as of May 26, 2017)
Daphne jezoensis
Once the snow has melted it puts forth a yellow flower, and in the summer it produces a red-orange fruit.
It has finished blooming.
Primula jesoana var. pubescens
The primrose of Hokkaido. It is characterized by a thick growth of white hairs on the leaf and stem.
It finishes blooming soon.
Glaucidium palmatum
It is Japanese inherent Miyama plant. We are called "mountain cotton rose" "spring cotton rose" and make purple flower bloom in shoot apex.
It finishes blooming soon.

Erythronium japonicum
We lengthen flower stalk approximately 10 centimeters early in the morning and let flower of heliotrope bloom on the tip to one bottom.
It has finished blooming.

Fritillaria camtschatcensis
It produces black flowers that bloom downwards. It is the official flower of Obihiro City.
It is in full bloom.
Pachysandra terminalis
This is an evergreen shrub. On the spike-shaped flowers the male flowers are above, the female flowers below.
It has finished blooming.
Caltha palustris var. barthei
It produces a glossy, yellow-gold flower with a stiff stem. Wild plants name "yachibuki."
It finishes blooming soon.
Lysichiton camtschatcense Schott
Its white petals are deformed leaves. It produces a vast number of tiny, yellow flowers.
It has finished blooming.
Anemone flaccida
From a single stem bloom two flowers. On the petals can be seen white sepals.
It is in full bloom.
Trillium camtschatcense
This mountain wildflower has three large petals and requires ten years to bloom.
It is in full bloom.

Corydalis ambigua
Although the basic color of the flower is dark blue-violet, it can sometimes produce white or light-blue flowers.
It has finished blooming

Forest photo studio of snow
Look at the four seasons of forest of snow which photographer, Yoshihiko Tobari cut resident in Tokachi.
Chokko Sakamoto Commemorative Hall
Other than fields and mountains grass represented by Tokachi snow, we collected the mountains of Tokachi.
Tomohiro Momose Gallery
Please enjoy Tokachi that Western picture painter, Tomohiro Momose described, scenery of Nakasatsunai-mura.
  Hitoshi Ikeda Gallery
We plan work of Hitoshi Ikeda who won the grand prix by the second "north earth exhibition Biennale" and display.
Kyuichiro Aihara Drawing Gallery
You can see sketch of Kyuichiro Aihara setting up art museum in Nakasatsunai art village.
  Gallery of Flower-Patterned Wrapping Paper
We buried fresco with floral design wrapping paper of Rokkatei which Naoyuki Sakamoto drew exhaustively.
Sairo 50th Anniversary Commemorative Hall
Here the cover drawings of the first 600 issues of the children's poetry magazine "Sairo" are on display.
  Hamanashi Rest House & Shop
A restaurant together with a shop selling cake and original goods.
→Click here for the details.
"The Thinker (inspired by Rodin)", a Sculpture
It is work by sculptor, Bando A.
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