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Facility information
Rokka no Mori
We are closed during winter season. It is open on April 27 for 2,018 years.

The forest is located at the southern end of the Hokkaido Garden Path, which runs from Asahikawa through Furano to end in Tokachi. The forest is full of flowers, the same flowers which an artist has painted onto Rokkatei's wrapping paper. On the grounds, which cover 100,000 square meters, the six flower varieties of Tokachi (Gentiana triflora, Sweetbrier, Trillium camschatcense, Erythronium japonicum, and Caltha palustris var. barthei) blossom through the seasons, while throughout the garden are scattered old, rustic houses brought from Croatia that serve as art museums.

Hokkaido garden way site
Information for facility (2017)
Flowers in summer and autumn (as of October 4, 2017)
ezorindo (Ezo gentian)
It is in full bloom.
Violet flowers in 3-5cm. Its cylindrical shape which faces upward is also characteristic.

Common goldenrod (common goldenrod)
It has finished blooming.

A lot of yellow flowers bloom in the upper part of stem. Oval shaped Leaf grows in pairs.

Adenophora triphylla (Adenophora triphylla)
It has finished blooming.

Bell shaped, light purple flowers bloom in downward.
Tawny day lily (tawny day lily)
It has finished blooming.
Double-petaled day lily. Stamen and pistil are transformed to look like petals.
Boehmeria tricuspis (Boehmeria tricuspis)
It has finished blooming.
A monoecism flower. Female flower turns light yellow to white and male flower turns light red.
Bellflower (bellflower)
It has finished blooming.

One of the seven flowers of autumn. Bud which swelled out like balloon is broken, and star-shaped flower opens.
Hydrangea paniculata (Hydrangea paniculata)
It has finished blooming.
At the end of the branch blooms small white bisexual flowers accompanied by four-petaled flowers.
ezotorikabuto (Ezo aconite)
It has finished blooming.
What looks like a petal is a sepal. Flower is inside the bag shaped calyx. Poisonous herb.
oitadori (daiuzukitori)
It finishes blooming soon.
Female flower has spikes that dripps downward, and male flower stands up upward. 1-3m height.
Polygonum Thunbergii (Polygonum Thunbergii)
It has finished blooming.

Blossoms a lot of tiny flowers in 4-7mm, and in light red and white colour.
Photo Exhibition
Enjoy the patchwork of four seasons at Rokka no Mori, taken by a photographer Yoshihiko Tobari who lives in the region.
Chokko Sakamoto Commemorative Hall
Other than drawings of wild plants such as Tokachi Rokka (six flowers), we also collected his works on mountains in Tokachi.
Tomohiro Momose Gallery
Please enjoy the sceneries of Tokachi and Nakasatsunai village, drawn by a western style painter Tomohiro Momose.
  Hitoshi Ikeda Gallery
Works of Hitoshi Ikeda who won the grand prix at the second "north earth exhibition Biennale" are shown.
Kyuichiro Aihara Drawing Gallery
You can see the sketches of Kyuichiro Aihara whose art museum is located in Nakasatsunai art village.
  Gallery of Flower-Patterned Wrapping Paper
We filled the wall with floral design wrapping paper of Rokkatei drawn by Naoyuki Sakamoto.
Sairo 50th Anniversary Commemorative Hall
Here, the cover drawings of the first 600 issues of the children's poetry magazine "Sairo" are on display.
  Hamanashi Rest House & Shop
A restaurant together with a shop selling confectioneries cake and original goods.
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"The Thinker (inspired by Rodin)", a Sculpture
It is a work by a sculptor, Masaru Bando.
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