• Promenade of stone pavement

    Enjoy a walk through the garden on a stone pavement transferred from Rome.
  • Path of railroad ties

    Walking path of railroad ties which connects the buildings is a symbol of Nakasatsunai Art Village.
  • Peony

    Flowers only in Hokkaido turn up.

Information on facility (2018)

Nakasatsunai Art Village, in Hokkaido's Tokachi region, embraces an area of approximately 145,000 square meters dotted with art museums, a restaurant and more.
The site features a walking path — made from railroad ties — that meanders through an oak forest: stroll along the path to visit museums or to enjoy a meal.
"In art village garden" which opened in the spring of 2017, enjoy the fresh green in spring and colored leaves in autumn. Pass through the mountain maple tunnel to reach Masami Mano exhibit hall.

Facility map

  • Kyuichiro Aihara Art Museum

    Mt. north ten people Kyuichiro Aihara Museum
    Other than permanent "ten north grand mountains," we also display his masterpieces and sketches on dynamic land of Hokkaido. You can also see the reproduction of his atelier.
  • Junsaku Koizumi Art Museum

    Junsaku Koizumi Art Museum
    The museum has on display a variety of Koizumi's masterworks including a replica of lotus fusuma pictures dedicated to Todai-ji temple in Nara,and rough drawing of Kyoto Kennin-ji temple's ceiling pictures "Painting of Two Dragons."
    Official homepage → https://koizumijunsaku.com/
  • Masami Mano Exhibit Hall

    Masami Mano Exhibit Hall
    From drawings of different scenes in everyday life, you can almost hear the cheerful voices of children and smell the soft,familiar air in one's hometown.
  • Kita no Daichi Museum

    Kita no Daichi Museum
    All the application works for two self-portrait contests are on display .
    We hold violin concert of Yoko Kubo in the following schedule. No charge for admission.
    For from 7 to 9 on September in 2018, from 11 to 14 on September,
    For from September 27 to 2nd, from 5 to 8 on October,
    October 11-14 days, from 17 to 21 on October
    ※Each day from 13:30 to 14:00
  • Gallery Hakurin
    Children's poetry magazine "Sïlo" 700th issue celebration

    —100 pieces of sïlo cover pictures exhibition—

    100 pieces of gallery Hakurin "silo" cover pictures exhibition
    We display the cover pictures of children's poetry magazine "Sïlo" drawn by Masami Mano who resides in Tokachi. Please enjoy the works along with the poems by children's pure senses.
  • Restaurant Poroshiri
    Stand flower snow

    Restaurant Poroshiri
    Restaurant, café and store. Lunch time is from 11:00 to 15:00. Café and store is open throughout the business hours.