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Facility information
Nakasatsunai Art Village
Nakasatsunai Art Village, in Hokkaido's Tokachi region, embraces an area of approximately 145,000 square meters dotted with art museums, a restaurant and more. The site features a walking path — made from railroad ties — that meanders through an oak forest: stroll along the path to visit museums or to enjoy a meal.

・We hold violin concert of Yoko Kubo in Kita no Daichi Museum.
 No charge for admission.
 The holding date and time: From September 25, 2017 to October 19 (for ※ 10 2.10.11 day a month, we take a rest on Saturday and Sunday)
      Every day from 13:30 to 14:00 plan

※It is seasonal photograph. Click here for enlaged images.
Information on facility
Nakasatsunai art village MAP

"Art village garden" opened in the spring of 2017. The spring fresh green, autumn colored leaves. Masami Mano work building invites to point that passed through tunnel of mountain maple.

Kyuichiro Aihara Art Museum
Other than permanent "ten north grand mountains," we display masterpiece, sketch about the earth of Hokkaido. Atelier reproduction corner is released, too.
Junsaku Koizumi Art Museum
The museum has on display a variety of Koizumi's major works, such as a replica of the "Painting of Lotuses on Sliding Doors" that he presented to Todaiji Temple in 2010, as well as photos of the artist at work, valuable preliminary sketches by the artist, and more.
<Junsaku Koizumi formula homepage>
Masami Mano Exhibit Hall
Masami Mano who deals with Tokachi residence, cover picture of child poetry magazine "silo." Work building which played old folk house opened in 2017.
  Kita no Daichi Museum
Self-portrait open call for participants exhibition "20-year-old outline" "self-portrait of the sixtieth birthday." We display all entries in each this year.
Gallery Hakurin Tokachi 100 view
Scenery of ten wins that chutaniyuhayari drew painter resident in hometown invites.
  Yuu Ogawa Gallery
"Issauikai" is an art organization founded in 1936, You can see work of representative, shokawa* of group following tradition of Western picture.
The restaurant serves family-style meals using locally-produced agricultural products. Lunch schedule: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  Flower snow
It is shop selling original goods, cake.
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