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Facility information
Campana Rokkatei
Closed during winter.
A great location featuring a panoramic view of the Daisetsuzan mountain range. A vineyard spread out over 80,000 square meters on the hillside. The landmark belltower rings out the bell pleasantly nine times a day.

Campana Rokkatei

Under Shimizuyama, Furano-shi, Hokkaido closed during winter season.

※Please use A-Coop Forrest Furano store during suspension of business.


It is approximately 3km from JR Furano Station.
It is approximately ten minutes by car.
The large parking lot has space for approximately 200 cars. Feel free to come by car.

Information on facility
Through the huge glass windows of the store you can get a full view of Mount Tokachi. Enjoy shopping as you gaze upon the magnificent scenery.

"Garden Where the Gods Play" Gallery 
※Under winter season closing. We were opened until from April 28 to November 3 in 2017. (no charge for admission / business hours from 10:00 to 16:00)
Kozo Watabiki Seasonal Color Gallery
The third season "world of sculptor Isamu Noguchi"
We display work of photographer, Kozo Watabiki from Tochigi.

Information on product
【Campana Rokkatei Originals】
Furano Rice Cakes Yukikon Cheesecakes
Furano Rice Cakes
Yukikon Cheesecakes
Slightly salted rice cakes made with red peas grown in Furano, with bean paste inside. Served with both sides fragrantly fried.
Baked cheesecake sandwiched between cocoa biscuits.
200 yen
【Campana Rokkatei Originals】
Grape Soft Serve Ice Cream Tomohiro's Hashed-Beef Rice
Grape Soft Serve Ice Cream
Tomohiro's Hashed-Beef Rice
Soft-serve ice cream made from the juice of grapes grown in Furano.
From Obihiro's signature Western-cuisine restaurant, "Restaurant Home". Cooked thoroughly for two weeks. The taste straight from the restaurant's chef, Tomohiro Ide.
280 yen
【Campana Rokkatei Originals】
Furano Ankoro
Furano Ankoro
Campana wine (red, white)
We used green peas from Furano. Please enjoy colorful appearance and simple taste.
Wine with a special label by an artist Kyuichiro Aihara .
150 yen
1,280 yen (720ml)
For any questions, call Campana Rokkatei at 0167-39-0006.
The restaurant building at Campana Rokkatei is also home to Shirakaba Mongolian Barbecue.
White birch
Shirakaba Mongolian Barbecue – Furano

Shirakaba, founded in 1957 and one of the premier Mongolian barbecues in Tokachi. You'll enjoy the taste, maintained without compromise down through the years.
Regular holiday: Monday (in case of national holiday, closed on Tuesday) 
It is during suspension of business for the winter season.
Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
    (Orders stop if the ingredients run out.)

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